Valerium Hair Salon Portland OR

Lisa M. Ernst

Colorist, Stylist, Makeup Artist
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Valerium Salon
3804 NE Sandy Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97232

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Lisa Ernst - Colorist, Stylist, Makeup Artist at Valerium Salon, Portland OR Oregon

Lisa Ernst

Lisa's career in the hair styling industry began in 2000 when she had the opportunity to train under a well known colorist in the northwest. Since 2000, Lisa has come to enjoy being a part of the total transformation that she is able to provide her clients. She is a skilled colorist and also trained in hair extensions. Lisa takes initiative to continue her education as her career evolves which her long time clients have come to appreciate. Her thoughtfulness and attention to detail are things that her clients have come to appreciate since their first hair appt with Lisa.

Lisa has offered her services annually as a sponsor to the Miss Oregon USA and Miss Oregon America pageant. In addition to styling contestants' hair, she does their makeup and acts an advisor backstage at the event. She has also been recruited as a beauty consultant for local television stations where she performs before and after makeovers.

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