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Valerium Periera hair stylist Portland OR Oregon

Valerium Pereira

As a young boy in Brazil, Valerium was fascinated with American movies. His imagination was sparked by the glamour of the big screen. In his every day childhood, though, he withstood more than his share of teasing by schoolmates for his overly full lips, long lashes and wild, flippy hair!

As Valerium grew into adolescence he took on the role of family stylist, cutting the hair of his parents, siblings, cousins and friends in his backyard. These early years created the foundation for a strong work ethic and sense of community, as well as a keen eye for proportion, aesthetic and design.

Though happily part of a loving family, Valerium continued to dream of the glamorous world he'd glimpsed through the lens of Hollywood. At the age of 19, he decided to make his dreams a reality by coming to America.

Valerium continued to hone his skills by working with such greats as Jose Eber in Los Angeles (where he also cut the hair of Annie Lennox), and other mentors in San Francisco, Paris and Portland. Throughout this odyssey, Valerium developed the truth of his philosophy that there are only two haircuts-the haircut which enhances one's features, composition and proportion, and the haircut that makes people ask, "Who does your hair?" In the former, the hair fits the person, and in the latter, the person is the model for spectacular hair. Both haircuts, Valerium believes, are essential, and often the perfect convergence of the two can be attained. Valerium's critical eye combined with his intuitive style, invites a collaborative approach resulting in just the right look for the occasion.

Valerium loves his work. He embraces all the opportunities that have come to his path, and continues to marvel at achieving his own American Dream, giving life to his personal motto: Tudo se Transforma or All Things Evolve.

He now shares this vision, sensibility and care with every client he touches in his new venture in Portland's Hollywood district.

Welcome, and Obrigado.

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