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Maya Herzig, L.M.T.

Massage Therapist
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Maya Herzig Massage Therapist Portland OR

Maya Herzig, L.M.T.

With over 16 years of experience, Maya is an expert in Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Sports massage techniques. A member of the A.M.T.A., Maya studied at the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, California, and the East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon. She was also mentored by Akira Imai at the Shiatsu Center, Sonia Bellini at Bellini Italian Skin Care, and Dr. Ken Murphy, Chiropractor.

Whether you arrive for healing treatments or to simply relax, Maya's deep experience and wide variety of techniques will leave you feeling refreshed and balanced.


Traditional Japanese shiatsu is performed on a mat, not on a table. If you have trouble getting up and down from the floor this is not the modality for you. I use state of the art body cushions that support your body in the most ergodynamic way. Very comfortable!
This is not an oil massage. You do not need to disrobe. Bring yoga-type clothing. Shiatsu translated means: "figure pressure". This treatment is strictly pressure points, no rubbing. Excellent for stretching isolated areas of tightness, redirecting energy flow, and bringing balance to the body.

Deep Tissue:
Table massage, oil applied. Firm body work, focusing on breaking up adhesions deep in the connective tissue at the attachment areas of the muscles and also deep in the center of the muscle where needed. Great for relief of tight, aching muscles. Good hurt as they say.

Table massage, oil applied. Lighter touch, long soothing strokes. The focus is to encourage circulation, move blood and lymph towards the heart. Fabulous for relaxation, reconnecting with the body, and helping to push toxins and the common cold through quicker.

Sports Massage:
This incorporates Shiatsu and Deep Tissue treatments. It consists of gently rocking and shaking the body and stretches isolated areas of tightness.


    1 hour for $80
    1.5 hours for $100

Deep Tissue:
    1 hour for $70
    1.5 hours for $90
    2 hours for $120

    1 hour for $60
    1.5 hours for $80

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